Whole, plant-based foods nourish our bodies

Veggies and fruits are colorful, have amazing texture and flavor, and are nutrition powerhouses. Whether you're ready to transition to a plant-based diet or are just testing the waters, adding more plants to your plate is one of the most impactful (and delicious) health decisions you can make.  

There is significant research showing that plant-based diets can prevent, treat and even reverse many health conditions including cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. Additionally, increasing one's intake of plants can lead to improved immunity, digestive health, vitality, sleep, and healthy weight loss. That's pretty amazing!


Not only will you become healthier while eating a plant -plentiful diet, but our environment will also thrive. That's because plant-based eating requires a smaller carbon footprint, uses less water, preserves natural habitats, and creates less pollution. Eating more plants means fewer animals will suffer through factory farming.  When you add more plants to your plate, you're doing good for you and our world.

Are you excited to learn more?


These documentaries provide some plant-based food for thought

Eating You Alive (2018) An optimistic look at how a plant-based diet can drastically improve our health
What the Health (2017) Portrays the role of government and big business in keeping us sick 
PlantPure Nation (2015)  A sequel of sorts to Forks Over Knives emphasizing the benefits of a WFPBD
Hungry for Change (2012)  A peak at how the diet industry plays us and what to do instead 
Forks Over Knives (2011)  A classic in the whole foods, plant-based diet (WFPBD) movement
Food, Inc. (2009)  A revealing look at how plants and animal products get from the farms to our tables
Food Matters (2008)  Highlights the connection between nutrition and disease prevention