My Plantspired approach is about becoming our healthiest and happiest selves – simply.

Even though I’ve always loved veggies, I wasn’t so healthy. In middle school, I dealt with my emotions by eating Suzie-Qs, Fritos and chocolate milk at lunch. In high school. experimented with vegetarianism which, for me, meant choosing shakes and fries while my friends ate burgers. In college, I become athletic, rowing crew and working out regularly. Though, in addition to giant salads, I binged on bagels and candy. Most of those years I was either hungry or suffering from a sugar crash, and I developed disordered eating patterns that took years to shake.

Adulthood appeared more balanced. I enjoyed a happy family, amazing friends, and an engaging career. Sure, I was active and ate 'healthy', but I favored early morning workouts rather than sleep, got stuck in the daily frenzy, fell for diet fads, and felt utterly stressed. I knew something needed to change, but I feared that if I stopped to catch my breath…  I’d never catch-up. I worked hard to be healthy, but it was falling short.  Sound familiar?

Luckily, I had a chance to reset. After an abnormal breast check-up, I waited two dreadfully slow weeks for a follow-up exam. In that time, I promised myself to take a closer look at my overall health. When I next met with my doctor, she shared inspiring research about diet’s role in disease prevention.  What I then read and watched about plant-based eating forever changed the way I thought about food.

Like many of us, I've tried my share of diets and grew tired of each one.  Most felt restrictive, and some even seemed outright unhealthy. Shifting into plant-based eating felt different. Suddenly, I was filling up on delicious plant-based foods. I maintained my weight without effort. I slept better. My energy was high. I felt fantastic.  Along the way, I gained some much-needed perspective on how happy and healthy can look and feel. 


I felt inspired by the changes I saw and wanted to focus more of my energies on wellness. I transitioned from teaching science to health, which brought me to a character education-themed magnet school. There I had the opportunity to grow and consider even more possibilities, and my ideas began to take shape. I studied health coaching and plant-based nutrition and Plantspired bloomed. 

Plantspired isn’t a diet, the latest fad, or workout plan. It’s about gently stretching to become our healthiest and happiest selves. We can take our cue from nature. Plants develop strong roots,  soak up nutrients, grow and blossom.  Likewise, Plantspired provides the ideal environment to support your healthy growth.


I look forward to exploring  Plantspired can mean for you. 





Education & Certifications

~ Master of Science, UCONN, Storrs, CT 

~ Bachelor of Science, UCONN, Storrs, CT

~ Certified Health Coach, ACE ® American Council on Exercise

~ Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program through eCornell and the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition


~ Prevent T2 National Diabetes Prevention Program trained coach

~ UMASS Center for Mindfulness 8-week MBSR course

~ CT PK-12 Health Education Certification  & CT 7-12 General Science Certification