I know from personal experience that building healthier habits can feel like a struggle.  Do these sound familiar? 

Imagine if it were easier to build healthy habits ...

How would it look and feel to have these habits in place? 

It would be pretty amazing, right?

Well, it is possible and I'll show you exactly how to take your next best steps.


Welcome to my Get Healthy Guide


"I just can't make myself workout."

"When life settles down, I'll be able to focus on my health."

 "I pack healthy lunches for my kids, but am too busy to do it for myself."

 "I get so mixed up about which diet or workout is better for me that I end up doing nothing."

Luckily, it doesn't have to be so hard or confusing. No matter what your health goals are or whether you've had difficulty in the past, true success begins when you understand what YOU need to achieve new, healthy habits. 

My Get Healthy guide will help you:

~ identify your natural tendency and understand how it relates to your health habits

~ overcome the doubt, resistance, confusion, or fear that's been holding you back

~  develop a personalized plan so you can start building your next healthy habit right away 

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I’m Becky, and I'm happy you’re here exploring healthier habits. I would love to learn how my Get Healthy Guide is working for you.  Email me at becky@plantspired(dot)com or come say hello on Facebook.

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Becky Muldoon Plant-based Health Coach for Teens & Women

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