Are you ready 

to step into a healthier and happier lifestyle?


I’m glad you’re here, exploring the benefits of a plant-plentiful lifestyle, and I’d love to help you on your journey. I used to think that being healthy required hard work, and I was pretty good at it, at least on the outside. In reality, I had no idea what my body truly needed. It was when I discovered plant-based eating that my overall health began to shift in a more positive direction, and best of all, it felt much simpler.

You’re ready to work together when you’re ready to grow. Ready to step into the present to embrace a positive and playful attitude about food.  Willing to develop the mindset you need for long-term success. You’re looking to build the knowledge and confidence to eat intuitively rather than follow a restrictive meal plan or count calories. If this sounds like you, then you've come to the right place. My Plantspired approach is about developing the mindset and habits that support your healthiest self.  You’ll:

~ Uncover simple shifts to build the lifestyle you crave in a way that feels right to you

~ Explore the benefits of including more whole, plant foods on your fork
~ Discover how plant-plentiful eating will boost the nutrients in your meals

~ Learn practical meal planning for at home, work, with friends, and on the go
~ Understand what you need to keep your habits on track

Plantspired Results 


 "The best result (of working with Becky) is having confidence in my food choices.  She is very open, knowledgeable, informative, caring, hard-working and easy to work with.  Her experience as a mom, a science teacher, and as someone who has changed their way of eating counts for a lot. She also had a very relaxed attitude toward implementing 'small' changes, one step at a time and to not get too overwhelmed or stressed with making the changes all at once."


“Middle-age was not kind to me. I started my 30's 6ft 180lbs and by the time I first met Becky was 250lbs and suffering from anxiety and fibromyalgia. Although physically I had gone downhill, I had accomplished a lot in the time - marriage, kids, and a house.  It was the American dream, right?  t was not until Becky introduced me to the tools necessary to truly enjoy life would I get to experience it. Through a plant-based diet and routine exercise, I am back to my 30's weight and no longer suffering from the debilitating side effects of a stressful lifestyle. Believe me, my life is still stressful at times, but now I have healthier habits in place to handle those tensions. Thank you, coach Becky!"

~ Jon 


"I started seeing Becky with the goal of increasing my energy during my workout days and still maintaining my steady weight loss. Becky was able to increase my calories, vary my diet (I was eating the same thing every day) and my weight loss has continued. Becky is very knowledgeable and such a joy to work with!"

~ Cheryl